The System

How to park with us

When you park your vehicle in a parking bay that is managed by ACE Parking Services, you will be greeted by a Parking Marshal. The Parking Marshal will be professionally uniformed, have a name and photo ID badge and will be an employee of ACE Parking Services. Each ACE Parking Marshal is equipped with a Pay & Display Terminal and Printer which enables them to perform all of their duties

An ACE Parking Marshal
ready to assist you
  Professionally Uniformed
  Name badge & photo ID
  Time & Tariff Information
  Pay & Display Terminal
  Display Ticket Printer

On your arrival in the parking bay, the Parking Marshal will capture your vehicle's registration number. This information is immediately relayed to law enforcement to verify that the vehicle is not a repeat offender
  Parking Marshal captures
Vehicle Registration

. The Parking Marshal will then greet and engage you. He or she will inform you of the parking tariffs and times and ask you how long you wish to stay. Payment will be accepted
  Parking Marshal
accepts Payment

. Receipt of payment by the Parking Marshal confirms the transaction and a Display Ticket will then be issued to you.
  Parking Marshal
issues Display Ticket

. Once you receive the Display Ticket you must then place it on the dashboard of your vehicle for easy inspection. At this point the parking transaction is complete and you can continue with your business.
  Motorist must place
Display Ticket on Dashboard

. It is essential that you ensure the Display Ticket can be easily seen through your vehicle's windscreen. A fine will be issued to any vehicle that does not have a visible and valid Display Ticket.
  Law Enforcement through
easy Visual Inspection

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