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Juliette Paulsen

Juliet Paulsen

Owner and Managing Director - ACE Parking Services (Pty) Ltd

Juliet started her career in 1994 when she joined a parking meter manufacturing company as an assistant admin manager. From these humble beginnings she took on additional responsibilities, advancing quickly within the organisation. By 1999 she was part of the senior management team and, as a consequence of her skill in human resources, was offered the position of Personnel Director. She accepted the task of managing 125 employees, a number that would more than double over the next five years as the company started running parking sites.

In 2004 the company that she worked for decided to divest itself of all the field service and parking operations to allow it to concentrate on product design and manufacture. A number of buyers were approached, but no arrangements were concluded. Juliet saw a perfect opportunity to take the next step in her career, she approached the owner with an offer to buy the division that was for sale. The owner agreed to the sale and provided her with the long term finance and ongoing technical product support. From this management buyout, ACE Parking Services was founded.

Juliet has grown ACE Parking Services year on year ever since the management buyout. Her core principles are that the customer comes first and that communication is the key to everything. Providing on-street parking services is a business she loves and one she has become an expert at over her seventeen year career. From working with marshals in the street and assisting motorists with the smallest of concerns, all the way to making presentations to city councils, Juliet has done it all. The success of ACE Parking Services is testimony to her talent and her understanding of an industry in which she plays a leading role.


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